Like my fiction, I have been writing poetry on and off for most of my teenage and adult life.  Instead of falling into any number of vices that one might when faced when all manner of real life problems, I turned to poetry.  True, a good part of it is angst, heartbreak, anger, sorrow, regret, and unrequited love.  But even at nineteen, when I first really started writing it with a vengeance, I learned I had the power to move people with my work.  At times, it could only be called 'disturbing,' but there was no doubt that it was effective.

Currently, I am working on organizing the best of my 400+ poems in the hopes of making them available for publication.  The first collection, which I hope to make available through CafePress.com by mid-2007, will be entitled BECOMING SCHEHEREZADE, while the second, which will hopefully be available by the end of 2007, will be entitled ONE SOUL, SEVEN FACES.

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