Here you can find some of the other 'fan fiction' I have written for different fandoms.  As my exposure to other anime series increases, so does the likelihood of me writing a story or five for that fandom.  (Newest anime for my collection include the absolutely fantastic TRINITY BLOOD and BASILISK - if you haven't seen them, find them.)  I currently have a backlog of story ideas I want to work on, so keep your eyes on this space, because it'll be increasing fairly rapidly!

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Coffee Stirrers and Kharmic Debt - All she wanted, just once, was a chance at a peaceful breakfast. Not that Earthforce meals could be considered food, or life aboard Babylon 5 considered peaceful, but she could still pretend. Until one morning, out of the corner of her eye... she sees HIM.  (COMPLETE)

The Grand Scheme of Things - Neither Narn nor Centauri nor Minbari nor the potential wrath of Susan Ivanova can stay Marcus Cole from the not so swift completion of his appointed artistic endeavour... the tongue in cheek sequel to 'Coffee Stirrers and Kharmic Debt.'  (COMPLETE


Unholy Gaze - Long before the development of his love for Iga Oboro, long before the dissolution of Hattori Hanzo's No-Hostilities Pact, a young Gennosuke must prove his loyalty to the Kouga Manjidani, but in doing so, loses his innocence in a terrible tragedy. (Warning - slight spoiler as to Gennosuke's ninja talent.)  (COMPLETE)


Faith, Hope, and a Few Unlikely Superpowers - Ever since her unexpected jaunt through time, AX member Johanna Sinclair has wielded some unusual powers. But after being assigned to Paragon City, things REALLY start going weird!  Features Sister Johanna from the TRINITY BLOOD: UNEXPECTED RESULTS series.  (IN PROGRESS)

The Course of Superhero Romance - Dr. Raymond Keyes, aka Positron, had all but given up on ever finding a relationship.  So he was understandably surprised when one found HIM... and his life would never be the same again.  My fourth full-length novel, now available for download.  (COMPLETE)


Tokens of Appreciation - Since coming to live with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo, Tohru Honda has enriched the lives of the Sohma family, and so now they are taking the opportunity to give some of that joy back to her.  (COMPLETE)


In Memory Still Bright - The Wizarding world goes on much as it has before, but not for some.  So, one warm summer evening, at 12 Grimmauld Place, the Order of the Phoenix gathers for one special night of laughter, tears... and remembrance.  Set between 'Half Blood Prince' and 'Deathly Hollows.'  (COMPLETE)


A Crash Course in Elegance - Despairing of Eclair's penchance for outrageous behavior, Eclipse gives her an assignment that Eclair considers one step up from torture... attending finishing school! And with Armblast as her partner!  (IN PROGRESS)


Allies in the Shadows - While in Dragon lands, a samuraiko and her companions encounter a group of Unicorn fleeing to the west. But what is hunting the Unicorn samurai is no ordinary foe, and when darkness falls, one must make allies among the shadows... Set before the Clan War.  (COMPLETE)

The Darkest Dawn - A Kuni Witch Hunter. A Hida samurai. Seven mahotsukai. And a love that will not go unavenged.  (IN PROGRESS)

The Worth of One Crane - Since the Battle of the Landbridge, the Daidoji have been deemed the Iron Crane by the Crab Clan. But Daidoji or not, when a Crane samuraiko named Nasami arrives at the Wall, she must prove her worth to the Crab... or die in the attempt.  (COMPLETE)


Coming Together, Falling Apart - As Princess Tutu labours to restore the heart of her prince, a knight watches her efforts. But as the heart shards are gathered, one by one, the emotions that come to the surface are not just those of the prince... a simple poem for your enjoyment.  (COMPLETE)

The Story's Only Just Begun - The manipulative Drosselmeyer is gone, and two new storytellers have taken his place!  But Fakir is about to get the shock of his life when Autor unexpectedly arrives with the results of his latest writing experiment!  Set just after the end of the series.  (IN PROGRESS)


Screaming Into the Darkness - We are shaped and scarred by the terrors that exist in our own mind. And sometimes, there is no waking up from the nightmare. Intense oneshot on Madoka and Kiyotaka based on the Stabbing Westward song 'Sleep.'  (COMPLETE)


Kansei - As winter draws to a close in a quiet village, yielding to the warmth of spring, Katsumoto contemplates enlightenment through his study of the fragile cherry blossoms, and Algren learns a valuable lesson about what it means to be samurai... Enjoy.  (COMPLETE)


Remembering the Rain - For D, the river of time flows around him, but never truly touching him, carrying the fleeting lives of those he meets along until they disappear. But some things do not disappear into the darkness of the past... like a promise made once, long, long ago.  (COMPLETE)
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