Quote: "It's time for the Dark Symmetry to see what a warrior of Light can do."

Game: Mutant Chronicles

Theme Song: "Burning Times" by Iced Earth
Theme Music: "Escape from Mantua" from the score ROMEO AND JULIET

From the Classified Files of External Investigations
Second Directorate

Name: Christian Apollyon
Age: 26
Height: 5’7”
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Brown

Occupation: Revisor
Title: Mysticus Majoris
Current Aliases: Sorina Tavarich (Bauhaus)
Johanna St. Clair (Imperial)

Some say that the calling to the Brotherhood was in Christian’s blood from birth. Left as an orphan baby on the steps of the Cathedral on Luna, she was taken in by the Brotherhood (after rigorous testing to ensure she had not been touched by the Dark Symmetry, of course) and raised by the Missionaries. From the time she could walk, she could be found roaming the Cathedral, staring up at the luminous stained glass windows. From the time she could read, she practiced learning on the Chronicles engraved into the walls of the Cathedral. From the time she could pray, every day started and every night ended with a thankful prayer to the Light, praising its glory. And although she was only six at the time, Christian had the privilege of hearing Cardinal Durand XVII speak at the Cathedral. It was an experience she never forgot.

Everything about the Light seemed to fascinate the girl, and the Missionaries were pleased to see that the seeds of their earlier charity were now beginning to bear fruit.

Year after year, Christian was at the top of her class, one of the most talented students that the Brotherhood had ever seen. It was not that she was exceptionally bright, but her ability to see into the heart of a matter and pursue it to the end was unmatched, as well as her knack for being able to convince anyone of anything. Enhanced by the rigorous and disciplined life she led within the Brotherhood, she had also been blessed with natural physical prowess and excellent reflexes. However, Christian had been deeply disappointed that unlike so many of her classmates, she showed no gift for the Art, and so chose to pursue a Brotherhood career that did not require the talent. By the age of sixteen, she was attending classes, planning to join the Missionaries and their vocation of spreading the Light.

But at the age of eighteen, Christian began to develop a gift for the Art of Mentalism, and murmurs began that perhaps she should shift her career path from the Mission Directorate to that of the Mystics. But as she advanced from one level of perfection to the next, something totally unexpected began taking place.
She developed a talent for the Art of Exorcism.

While the Missionaries were surprised, they thought that perhaps the Art of Exorcism was finally being brought to the surface by her training with the Third Directorate.
Then appeared a talent for the Art of Manipulation.

The Missionaries couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They contacted the First Directorate for advice on what to do with the novice, but the Mystics were just as surprised as the Missionaries were. How a young woman, in only four years and with no previous training, had gained proficiency in three Arts was completely baffling. But it didn’t stop there.
She gained the Art of Premonition.

Christian was stunned. So were the Missionaries. And so were the Mystics.
Only twenty-four, and already she had begun wielding four of the Arts.
The Missionaries had no idea what to do with her.
The Inquisition did.
They saw a young woman with no family ties save the Brotherhood, well-educated, devout, charismatic, physically and mentally strong and resilient, with talents not only in seeing the future, but also in the Arts of knowing, controlling, and purifying others.
In short, the perfect Revisor.

The Second Directorate stepped in and had Christian transferred to External Investigations to serve her Cardinal and her Brotherhood. In doing so, she has already achieved an almost legendary status as the only Revisor in history to be trained in multiple Arts. If past experience is anything to go by, it is entirely possible that she will begin mastering other Arts as time goes on. By far, however, her greatest skills lie within the Art of Mentalism, which suits the Inquisition just fine.

Christian’s nearly unstoppable progress in her Brotherhood service continued, as she so excelled in the Brotherhood’s martial arts training that she was nearly as lethal in hand-to-hand combat as she was with her infamous Punisher in her grasp. Trained in the more subtle means of infiltration, she has become an accomplished communications and technical expert (at least as technological as the Brotherhood will allow). And now, at the age of twenty-six, she is also on her way to becoming a formidable authority on both the Brotherhood and the Dark Legion.

Looking at Christian, one would hardly imagine that the young woman is one of the Brotherhood’s deadliest weapons. After all, she looks so… average. Brown hair just long enough to be piled high or worn loose, light hazel eyes, unremarkable features, about five foot seven and a trim build. But what most people mistake for average is for Christian an excellent template on which to build multiple identities in her career. All it takes is the right clothes, hairstyle, and accent, and she can masquerade as a member of almost any megacorporation. At present, when not directly serving the Brotherhood, she poses as Sorina Tavarich, a devout Bauhaus émigré on Luna. Generally, however, she prefers the suit, hidden body armor, and trench coat that most Revisors prefer, along with her Punisher in her shoulder holster and a sawed-off HG-14 at her side.

The Light has chosen a new avenging angel to serve the Brotherhood.
Her name is Christian Apollyon.
Welcome to Hell.

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