Because I never know what to put on pages like these, here's a slightly modified version of my profile page on the FanFiction.net website:

Born: April, 1974 (Aries/Wood Tiger). I'm 38 at the moment, but my parents describe me as "younger than I look, older than I act."

Current Residence: Lynnwood, Washington. 

Height: 5'8.

Weight: none of your business.

Published: Yes. Several articles in a few magazines, and poetry in anthologies. Aiming for my first novel.

Alma Mater: University of Arizona. Double bachelor's degrees in Creative Writing and Classics, Masters degree in Sign Language Studies/Deaf Literacy.  For more information, go visit the

Hobbies: In no particular order - reading, writing, any creative endeavor, music, anime, gaming, hanging out with friends, driving people crazy, playing computer games (my favorites are the Quest for Glory series and the Total War series... who says chicks can't rule Europe?).

Random Weird Fact about Me: I'm on 81 Favorites and 52 Author Alerts on the FanFiction.net website, and my most popular story far and away appears to be
The Sword of the Soul (which is now complete, so go read it!)

What I Am Listening To Right Now: This weird but lovely piece of piano music from some Korean film called "Red Eye"... wondering if I can track this down somehow.

Favorite bands/music: Egads, how many can I list? With a music collection that once topped over 700 CDs, I think it's easier for me to list what I DON'T listen to. That would be country & western, rap, hiphop, and R&B. Anything else is pretty much fair game, at least once.

Favorite authors: Again, in no particular order... David Morrell, Katherine Neville, Isaac Asimov, Kathryn Lynn Davis, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, all the Doctor Who New Adventures novelists, Dan Brown, Kerr Cuhulain, the Legend of the Five Rings writers, Laura Joh Rowland, Adrienne Rich, P.N. Elrod, Timothy Ferris, among others. The list is long and varied.

Favorite type of writing: Drama/Angst FanFiction

Current story being worked on: Hammering out a new trilogy of books (I know, aren't I the ambitious one), plus starting work on The Twilight of All Time (the sequel to And the Greatest of These) and The Seven Flowers of Autumn (the sequel to The Sword of the Soul)

Current quote: "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "Holy s---... what a ride!" - Anonymous
At some point, I intend to put a picture of myself on here.  As soon as I have a good one taken.  Hmm... that might take a while.

Something else that I should mention on my 'About Me' page - I have an alter ego, of sorts.  It started out as a joke with a story I'd written ("Unexpected Results", for the anime TRINITY BLOOD), but since then, it's taken on something of a life of its own.

You see, when I first wrote "Unexpected Results," the story has me being yanked out of my normal time into 30th century Rome, where I took on the pseudonym "Johanna Sinclair," and fought vampires and other baddies... oh yeah, and masqueraded as a nun.  It's a long story... just read the series and you'll get it.

Anyway, when I began playing CITY OF HEROES, I created "Johanna Sinclair" as my first superhero of the game... and liked the game so much that I wrote another story in which Sister Johanna Sinclair is sent back in time to 21st century Paragon City to help protect the Earth.  Now that incarnation of Johanna Sinclair has a whole new mythos to play around with (especially when her eventually taking on the mantle of an Ouroboros Mender known as Anomaly).

At any rate, when I began making videos for CITY OF HEROES, people tended to associate the videos with Johanna Sinclair (rather than me, Michelle Travis) because nine times out of ten, Johanna Sinclair is the character I'm using when filming.  Amusingly enough, Johanna looks a lot like me, although much cooler and God knows she's in better shape than I am!

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