Every good academic's website has a curriculum vitae (that's a fancy term for a really long resume, by the way). Here's mine:


Major Field
: Deaf Studies/Sign Language Studies
Topics of Interest: Language acquisition, second language acquisition, printed language acquisition, modality constraints of language structures, bilingual education, linguistics of signed language, comparative linguistics of American Sign Language (ASL) and English, translation between ASL and English, and glossing.


Master of Arts
Special Education, Rehabilitation, & School Psychology (Sign Language Studies), magna cum laude
University of Arizona, 2002
Thesis: A Comparison Study of Linguistic and Narrative Complexity Across K-3 Texts in English and American Sign Language (ASL) Gloss
Director: Samuel J. Supalla, Ph.D.

Bachelor of Arts
Humanities (double major: Creative Writing, Classics)
University of Arizona, 1996


Qualitative Research in Education Linguistics & the Study of Literature
Computational Technology for Linguists
Historical & Comparative Linguistics
Essentials of Reading & Writing
Teaching Reading: Decoding & Comprehension
Bilingual Reading & Writing
Bilingual Curriculum Development
Pre-Reading & Beginning Reading Development
Classroom Diagnosis & Instruction
Language Acquisition & Development
The Psychology of Language
Introduction to the Linguistics of American Sign Language
Language & Culture in the Deaf Community
ASL in Film & Literature

Independent Study
Work with the Language Acquisition Project: a collection, organization, and analysis of videotapes and transcribed material to examine the effects of ASL fluency upon the development of linguistic, social, and cognitive competence in deaf children

Development of materials for Resource Book Level II for use at the Laurent Clerc Elementary School in Tucson, AZ

Vocabulary Development Project: a literature review and computer program analysis for current and future use of materials and methods at the Laurent Clerc Elementary School in Tucson, AZ

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Duties include: development of in-class materials; teaching assistant; discussion leader; proofreader; weekly meetings with professor and co-assistant; creating and grading special assignments; conducting materials searches via telephone and Internet.

Laurent Clerc Elementary School, Tucson, AZ
Duties include: development of in-class materials; data entry; on-call teaching assistant; lunchroom/playground supervisor; ASL interpreter-at-large; organization of Arizona Academic Standards material; preparing materials for parent and professional workshops; computer technician; proofreader.

Workshops Attended
Over 100 hours of workshops attended at the University of Arizona, the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind (ASDB), and Gallaudet University, dealing with various issues such as literacy, reading, writing, glossing, linguistics, American Sign Language, deafness, deaf education, learning disabilities, bilingual/bicultural education, and multilingual/multicultural education.


(2001) The comparative linguistics of American Sign Language through examination of vocabulary dialect variation.
(2001) Cad Goddeu: a study of multiple translations and resulting influences in narration.
(2000) Removing the barrier, building the bridge: bilingual literacy in English and ASL and the potential use of glossing.
(2000) “Deaf” and “Dumb” are not synonymous: education, psychology, and the deaf.
(2000) Bridging two languages with two systems: using phonics and whole language to teach American Sign Language and English.
(1999) YOU LEARN SIGN WHY: a study of enrollment in American Sign Language classes at the University of Arizona.
(1999) Vocabulary development project: a literature review and computer program analysis for current and future use of materials and methods at the Laurent Clerc Elementary School.
(1999) The quality of communication in teacher/student interaction in a college-level ASL classroom.
(1998) An application of Dore’s Taxonomy of Communication to the communication in a deaf/hearing classroom.
(1998) “Where do they belong?”: mainstreaming versus residential schools in deaf education.
(1998) Weaving words from speech and signs: storytelling in two forms.
(1998) TIGER BURN BRIGHT-EYES: a study of American Sign Language linguistics in poetry.

Volunteer Graduate Assistant to Dr. Linda Waugh (LING 462/562 - Linguistics and the Study of Literature)
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

1999 - 2000
Intern Teacher (focus: English, history, art, and literature)
Laurent Clerc Elementary School, Tucson, AZ

1999 - 2000
Intern Teacher (One-on-one reading instruction and mentoring)
Laurent Clerc Elementary School, Tucson, AZ

1997 - 1999
Volunteer Teaching Assistant to Dr. Samuel Supalla (SER 370a and 370b [Intro. to ASL I & II] Summer Session classes)
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Graduate Mentor (SER 429/529 - Education & Rehabilitation of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Individuals)
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

1996 - 2001
Tutor (Individual/group sessions for review of in-class material)
SALT Center, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


Literary Assistant
Dr. Samuel Supalla, in association with DawnSignPress
Duties include: Conducted extensive Internet research for source materials, copyright verifications, media capture software, and previous research in similar fields; developed a database system for keeping track of individual source materials and reference sources; met weekly with Dr. Supalla relating to the writing of a textbook; wrote reports and presentations for Dr. Supalla and DawnSignPress as needed detailing the work in process.

2000 - present
Administrative Assistant
John Travis, Tucson, AZ/Phoenix, AZ
Duties include: Contact clients to confirm design specifications, and contact local and national panels for design competitions; compile notes, art references, and materials for professional graphic design presentations; edit and proofread presentations, brochures, and articles for submission to potential clients; understand the Adobe Design Software (Acrobat, Illustrator, PhotoShop) and the benefits and disadvantages of each to meet individual clients’ format needs.

1996 - 2001
Tutor [Area of specialty: ASL, Special Education, English, Classics]
SALT Center, University of Arizona
Duties include: Analyzing student learning processes; planning and implementing educational strategies for students with learning disabilities; providing instructional support through clarification of in-class material; proofing and editing student papers, homework, and presentations; coordinating with Learning Specialists (SALT's special advisors).
Note: At present, I have worked with students of all learning disabilities, in addition to ADD/ADHD, short-term memory, and hearing difficulties.

1993 - present
Administrative Assistant
Richard M. Samuels, Ph.D., Scottsdale, AZ/Saddle Brook, NJ
Duties include: Compile multiple Word and Excel files into a single database to create a manual for publication and distribution; coordinate with AZ and NJ offices, plus the 100+ nursing homes in the Guardian Eldercare network nationwide to provide materials by appropriate deadlines; create an Excel database detailing the 31 therapists in the Guardian Eldercare network, the 20-60 patients under each therapist, plus references notes, session notes, doctor’s orders, doctors’ and nurses’ notes, and care plan for each patient; oversee printing, collation, and distribution of materials to the Guardian Eldercare Network; proof and edit reports, articles, and letters in compliance with APA requirements; transcribe psychological reports and test scoring from dictation.

1993 - 1997
Freelance Proofreader/Writer
Duties include: Organizing, rewriting, editing, and proofing materials; transcribing handwritten material to word processing; one-on-one meetings to discuss and explain writing style, research techniques, and language conventions; writing and submitting articles for publication; gathering existing information and developing story and research ideas.


1999 - present
Editor (technical/professional manuals)
Guardian Eldercare, Scottsdale, AZ/Saddle Brook, NJ
Duties include: Compiling existing material into a manual format for publication and distribution; proofing material to ensure the elimination of typographical and grammatical errors; coordinating with AZ and NJ offices; overseeing printing; editing material to conform to specified styles.

1993 - 1995
Editor (various journals in different fields)
Barlin Publishing, Scottsdale, AZ
Duties include: Compiling existing material into a magazine format for publication and distribution; researching materials for publication; proofing material to ensure the elimination of typographical and grammatical errors; editing material to conform to specified styles; verifying accuracy of facts and details; coordinating with professionals in various fields for submission of articles.


Experience with the following tests obtained through various exposure to the tests, such as in-depth study for classes, research into their validity and reliability when used with subjects with disabilities, actual administration with students, and comparison between tests normed to different populations:
AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards) Test
FastScan Intelligence Test
Qualitative Reading Inventory-II
Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery-Revised


1998 - present
Volunteer interpreter (lectures, discussions, interviews, & community events)
1996 - 2002
Volunteer at Laurent Clerc Elementary School for events and activities


Native speaker Score of P on Upper Division Writing Placement Exam, University of Arizona
American Sign Language
Intermediate/high competency Completion of Advanced Intensive ASL class, University of Arizona
Intermediate competency Assessed at 400+ level skill on University of Arizona Entrance Placement Exam


Database/spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access)
Design programs (Acrobat, PhotoShop, Publisher) plus HTML/Java scripting
Email programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, online Webmail systems) and troubleshooting
Internet programs (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), Internet and search engine navigation
Macintosh operating system/PC operating systems (MS-DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT)
PC and Macintosh hardware/software and installation, as well as troubleshooting
Word processing programs (Microsoft Word, Corel Publishing, Word Perfect)
Working knowledge of PC networks
Website Builder