Here on the Multimedia pages, you can find the various and sundry ways I have found of expressing myself that don't involve writing.  And in all honesty, for someone who uses a lousy computer and outdated software, you have to admit, I do a pretty good job!

Here is where you can find various artistic projects I have undertaken, whether they be mock covers for books I have written, sketches and doodles I have done, storyboarding ideas for videos, and the like.

On the Banners page, you can find the numerous banners I have designed for my own websites (as well as a few I have designed for friends), as well as the ever-growing collection of submissions I have done for the ongoing banner competition. 

On the Desktops page, you can see several of the desktop artwork that I have created for my SAMURAI 7 book THE SWORD OF THE SOUL.  All desktops are available in either 800x600 or 1280x1024 format.

A vast amount of the writing I do is done to music.  To help my readers 'hear' what I heard as I wrote, you can find on this page the various music I used as creative inspiration.

A recent hobby of mine that began when I did the 'trailer' for my book AND THE GREATEST OF THESE, making animated music videos (otherwise known as AMVs) has become a source of mingled frustration and pride.  Here you can find the fruits of my labours.

A reprint of my article for the February 8th, 2008 edition of the CITY OF HEROES "City Scoop" on how I make videos!

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