One of my favorite anime of all time. After seeing the trailer on the FUSION REBORN film in San Diego, I suspected this would be a series I'd have to watch. Then I saw the first full-length trailer online on one of the SAMURAI 7 DVDs and went, "Yep, need to watch this." So I bought the first volume and fell in love with it. The rest followed in short order.

I cannot say enough good things about it... The music. The voice acting. The art. The story. (The priests!) Wasn't all that thrilled with the ending, but considering that the creator died before he could finish it, it's kind of hard to take issue with that.

Like SAMURAI 7 and DRAGONBALL Z, TRINITY BLOOD lends itself beautifully to fan fiction thanks to the gaps in the storyline, but that's not what got me started on writing for it.

I got started writing on it because of a friend. And a dare.

The friend in question is a huge fan of my SAMURAI 7 tales, and was dying to see what I'd make of TRINITY BLOOD, so she threw me the prompt of "What would you do if you were walking down the street, got knocked upside the head, and woke up in a strange pod a millennium in the future, with Dr. William Walter Wordsworth peering down at you?"

My gleeful response was the all-dialogue short story called "Unexpected Results." But one chapter wasn't enough for her. So she asked for more.

And the rest is history... as you can see.

I had absolutely NO idea that when I first wrote "Unexpected Results" (a self-insert parody if ever there was one) that it would become so popular.  But to say that the story exploded onto the TRINITY BLOOD fan fiction scene would be an understatement.  (In a little less than four months, it became the most read and reviewed story in the TRINITY BLOOD category on  So, after forty-four chapters, I started the sequel.

Not to mention almost a dozen related short stories for those who clamoured for more of the madcap misadventures resulting from Father Wordsworth's most famous failed experiment.

And to make things even more fun, my erstwhile alter ego, the trouble-making, time-bending, techie pagan nun known as Sister Johanna Sinclair, later got her own LiveJournal community (known as "A Slight Glitch").

Check out what others have said about my writings!


(Stories with an asterisk are part of the "Unexpected Results"-verse.)

All Alone in the Night* - Once, the night gave them solace... once, the night brought them peace. But now, the night gives them no comfort... only painful reminders of what they have lost. And one by one, the nights will fall... A story created for a 31_days LiveJournal community challenge.  (COMPLETE)

An Unusual Interest* - It was supposed to be just another boring Vatican diplomatic function, at least in theory.  But when Johanna's involved, it isn't long before things start getting out of hand, to one priest's confusion and another's embarrassment!  A bit racy but good fun!  (COMPLETE)

A Smile That Spells Trouble* - Father William Walter Wordsworth is generally considered the most intelligent member of the AX.  But it's all William can do to hang onto his wits when Johanna arrives in his office with an intriguing smile on her lips... the conclusion of "An Unusual Interest" and "The Worst Sense of Timing."  (COMPLETE)

A Test of Wills* - As a frustrated Johanna learns, sharing a bed with the 'mostly' harmless Father Abel is one thing... but sharing a bed with a certain felonious Father is another matter entirely! No sleep for the wicked in this companion tale to UNEXPECTED RESULTS!  (COMPLETE)

Blind Panic - Pain, suffering, chaos, destruction, and mayhem are all part of the AX job description.  But Father Wordsworth never expected to encounter them while on his way to LUNCH of all things... even if Father Nightroad WAS involved!  A fast and fun oneshot.  (COMPLETE)

Blood and Love Without the Rhetoric* - Mortally wounded by Dietrich von Lohengrin, Abel lies dying in Johanna's arms. And in those eternal moments, a desperate act of faith will change their relationship forever. A poem retelling of 'The Sacrifice of Angels' from UNEXPECTED RESULTS, written for a 31_days LiveJournal community challenge.  (COMPLETE)

Difference of Opinion* - Seeking a temporary respite from his duties, as well as the overbearing presence of Cardinal Francesco, Alessandro sneaks out into the Vatican gardens.  However, a chance encounter with a certain Sister proves to be most enlightening for the young Pope...  (COMPLETE)

For the Love of God - A prequel for my upcoming TRINITY BLOOD novel, Eternity's Requiem. Written for the 31_days LiveJournal community challenge of "But I won't stay with you," and set just prior to the launching of the Red Mars program.  (IN PROGRESS)

I Cannot Hold Thee Close Enough* - Cherishing the last moments of peaceful darkness before the arrival of the dawn, a pensive Abel Nightroad learns that while sometimes there are no words to convey what is in our hearts... between friends, sometimes no words are necessary.  (COMPLETE)

Once Upon a September* - In an attempt at reconciling the recent awkwardness between them, Esther seeks out Johanna.  But to the younger Sister's surprise, she learns a startling truth about Johanna that shows they're not quite as different as Esther had originally believed...  (COMPLETE)

The Darkness That Walks Beside Me - She has devoted herself to God, while he has devoted himself to her. For years, he has been her protector and her friend. For years, she has been his inspiration and his redemption. But in the deepest part of her heart, she longs for more... AbelxCaterina, written for an LJ friend.  (COMPLETE)

The Songs of Their Hearts*- A poetry collection on the complicated relationship between Father Abel Nightroad and Sister Johanna Sinclair. The poems draw from events from the UNEXPECTED RESULTS trilogy, and are based on a playlist posted in the A_Slight_Glitch LJ community.  (COMPLETE)

The Worst Sense of Timing* - First he tried to figure out why she was expressing 'An Unusual Interest' in him, especially at a Vatican diplomatic function. Now, after obtaining clarification on the matter from Father William, Father Tres approaches an unwary Sister Johanna...  (COMPLETE)

Through a Glance Darkly* - Both come from pasts others can scarcely imagine. Both wield power that terrifies them as much as those they wield it against. But in a future of blood and fire, the only solace they may ever find is in each other. AbelxJohanna, from 'UNEXPECTED RESULTS.'  (COMPLETE)

Tonight is What It Means to Be Human* - 'You'll never know what it means, but you'll know how it feels.' Humans are strange, Father Tres Iques decided long ago, and one nun in particular stranger than most. And a bizarre encounter with the surprising Sister Johanna only reinforces his theory...  (COMPLETE)

Unexpected Results I: A Slight Glitch*  - The misadventures begin when Father Wordsworth, while in the midst of tinkering with his latest and greatest invention, hits a slight... glitch.  And with the advent of Sister Johanna Sinclair, the AX's newest recruit, the future will never be the same! My third full-length novel, and unusual in that it's done entirely in dialogue!  (COMPLETE)

Unexpected Results II: In All the Empty Places* - The chaos, mayhem, and irreverence of Professor Wordsworth's "Unexpected Results" continue!  Whether hacking her way into a system, charming her way out of trouble, or rushing in where the AX fears to tread, the sassy Sister Johanna Sinclair is on the job!  (IN PROGRESS)

Unwilling to Forgive, Unable to Forget* - In the darkest moments of the night, Johanna doesn't know who she hates more... her husband for dying, or herself for surving. So one night, after finding her grieving and in pain, Abel takes Johanna on a journey in a desperate attempt to heal her soul.  (COMPLETE)

Waltzing in Hell* - A Crusnik and a Terran. A cathedral in flames. And a single, perfect, desperate dance as Heaven weeps and Hell watches. Based on a piece of music of dark beauty, these three images come together in a disturbing yet hypnotic experimental poem.  (COMPLETE)

You Know What They Say About Redheads - There are two things Father Abel Nightroad never, EVER does. The first is admit to being wrong. The second is admit to being afraid. After all, what would a big, bad, vampire eating Crusnik be afraid of? Find out in this oneshot for an LJ friend.  (COMPLETE)
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