I love it. It's action, it's drama, it's comedy, it's romance, all the good stuff in one show. It just works. I love the manga, I love the anime, I could watch it over and over again. My guilty pleasure, along with "Doctor Who." I remember hearing Chris Sabat (who voices Piccolo and Vegeta, along with being the voice director for the show) in an interview referring to DBZ as 'animated crack.' He's so right. And in retrospect, I find it hilarious that when I was first introduced to the show about five years ago, my reaction at the time was, 'My God, this show is ridiculous.'

The weird thing is, once I started watching it, I couldn't stop.  I simply plowed through the entire show as fast as I could.  Then I realized that there were huge gaps in the storyline that could lend themselves really well to writing.

So, I used them.  And with that, my first fan fiction ever was born... along with a juggernaut that I could never have predicted in my wildest dreams.

When word first got around the Internet that an American author was attempting to write a Dragonball Z novel, the response was immediate, not to mention intense.  The fans divided into two camps - those who loved the idea, and others who considered it sacrilege.  The book AND THE GREATEST OF THESE was soon being discussed on forums, websites, blogs, you name it.  And for a site that exists on word of mouth alone, the ANDTHEGREATESTOFTHESE.COM site gets a remarkable amount of traffic.

Then I put a rough draft of the book up on the FanFiction.net site, and things really got wild.  As cut-throat competitive as fan fiction writing can get, the outpouring of well-wishes and cheering on made the whole thing worth it.

Check out what others have said about my writings!



And the Greatest of These - A thousand years ago, two sorcerers discovered the secret of creating Dragonballs, with unimaginable consequences. Now the Z Warriors, along with the immortal Kurenai, must undo the sins of the past, or the future will be lost forever. The story that started it all...  My first full-length novel.  (COMPLETE)

Come Back to Me - Distraught after the loss of Suishoku Kurenai, a heartbroken Goku spirals downward into despair. But when Vegeta comes across the mourning Saiyan, he unintentionally starts Goku down a path that could eventually destroy him... as well as Kurenai.  (IN PROGRESS)

Desperate Desires - Love is not always patient or kind. It is relentless, violent, agonizing, and unstoppable, as Goku is about to learn... somewhat citrusy, so read with care!  (COMPLETE)

Falling Shadows - For one woman, eternal youth is not a blessing, but a curse. Based on the stories I AVATAR and AND THE GREATEST OF THESE, not even Vegeta can stave off Kurenai's descent into madness and despair as the weight of her past overwhelms her.   (COMPLETE)

I Avatar - A plan to create Dragonballs goes terribly wrong, so a Dragon of Heaven chooses a woman to embody his power to restore the balance... but is the power of Heaven worth an eternity of hell? The dramatic prequel to AND THE GREATEST OF THESE!  (COMPLETE)

I Let Her Walk Away - Love may be the most powerful emotion, but regret is the most devastating. A poem, an apology, a plea, from Goku’s point of view, where the Saiyan is despairing and haunted not by something he did… but by something he didn’t do.  (COMPLETE)

L'Amour Est Le Seul Mot (aka Love is the Only Word) - My take on the songfic... five songs from Notre-Dame de Paris rewritten to reflect my book AND THE GREATEST OF THESE, for the characters Piccolo, Vegeta, and Goku, with Kami as the narrator. Still working on Kurenai's...   (IN PROGRESS)

The Twilight of All Time - Set two years after AND THE GREATEST OF THESE, Earth's greatest champion has given his life to bring peace to the world. But the Other World needs him now, for a heavenly war is on the horizon. And this time, Goku is risking not his life, but his soul...  (IN PROGRESS)

Twisted Timelines - An alternate version of events from AND THE GREATEST OF THESE finds Vegeta married to Kurenai, Goku dead from the heart virus, the Androids about to arrive, and no savior from the future...  (IN PROGRESS)
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