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Welcome to the home of all the weird and wonderful originality of the Wandering Crane herself, Michelle Nersesian Travis.

For years, I kept telling myself I was going to get a website.  Someplace where I could rant and rave and generally make an idiot of myself in public that people would actually want to visit. Well, now I have one. And you know, it didn't come out half bad!

The nickname Samuraiko came out of a game called "Legend of the Five Rings" - if you haven't played it, give it a shot. (But only 1st or 3rd editions - anything else is crap.)  The name, for those not familiar with Japanese, derives from the words 'samurai' (in Japanese, "servant", referring to the warriors of medieval Japan, which is what they were), and -ko (the Japanese suffix for 'diminuitive' or 'little'). Put it together, and you have "little samurai", or "little warrior." (My husband is probably the only person on the planet who could get away with calling me "little servant.")  (Is is true-to-form Japanese?  I doubt it.  But I like it anyway, so deal with it.)

At any rate, I played a samuraiko named Nasami (more on her elsewhere on this site). Nasami was one of my favorite all-time characters (and has gone on to develop a life of her own thanks to the wonders of fan fiction), so much so that I now use the nickname Samuraiko on a vast number of message boards, forums, and Internet sites. So what else could I call this place?

Anyway, this site comes out of two hobbies that have been going on for the better part of my life - writing and gaming. Writing everyone knows what it is, but gaming? Well, here's the definition according to Wikipedia:

"Gaming is an umbrella term that includes a number of special hobby game types: * Board games* Collectible card games* Computer and video games* Tabletop wargaming (i.e., using miniature figures)* Role-playing games**Live action role-playing games* Wargaming** Peace gaming"

I have done most of these over the course of my life. Great fun.
Anyway, over the years, I have spent a good deal of time gaming, and even more writing (when I'm not doing the important things like sleeping, working, going to school, watching anime, and being married). I've made a name for myself doing both (been published, and had game ideas of mine spread around the world thanks to the wonders of the Internet). But now is my chance to put all this neat stuff I've done in one place. Here. 

So feel free to wander around the site. Here'll you find any number of things to catch your eyes. Fan fiction. Anime music videos. Music. Artwork. Writing of all kinds. Even links to a few cool pages. If it's creative, and it's mine, it's all here. And if you know me personally, and you want to know why such-and-such isn't on here, drop me a line. I love email. In spite of the fact I work with it.   All. Day. Long.

What's New...

7/12/14 -
A MASSIVE overhaul on the Multimedia > Videos page has taken place! Lots of stuff added, and completely re-organized to make them easier to find!

5/10/13 -
A new video for a whole new subject makes its way to the Multimedia>Videos page...
a tribute to the Nostalgia Critic from THATGUYWITHTHEGLASSES.COM

10/18/2012 -
A moving tribute to a game that I love - CITY OF HEROES: FREEDOM - One Last Day is now live on the Multimedia>Videos page!

And here's Nasami, in typical anime chibi style!

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The chick to the right, by the way, is Nasami.  Or at least one anime-style rendition of her.  Get used to seeing her, she shows up a lot on this site.
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